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27 bites in Seville

I'm just here for the Tapas

Without a doubt, Seville is the undisputed culinary queen of Spain. What you absolutely must not miss, I will reveal to you in this article.

It's no secret that Seville - the enchanting city in the heart of Andalusia - is known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and vibrant flamenco scenes.

But it's the culinary scene that sets Seville apart from other Spanish cities. With its variety of palate pleasures served in bustling tapas bars, traditional bodegas, and modern gourmet restaurants, Seville definitely leads the way when it comes to Spain's culinary scene.


Classics of the local cuisine

Seville's cuisine is the quintessence of Andalusian gastronomy and is often hailed as one of the best cuisines in all of Spain. It's the variety of ingredients, the tapas culture, and the innovative influences from various cultures that make this cuisine so special to me.

Here's a small selection of delights:

Starters: Gazpacho (= cold soup made from tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and garlic), tapas such as albondigas (= meatballs), gambas al ajillo (= shrimp in garlic) or tortilla española (= Spanish omelet), Jamón Ibérico (= air-dried ham) Main courses: Espinacas con garbanzos (= stew with spinach), Pescaito frito (= fried fish), Huevos en la flamenca (= stew with eggs), Rabo de toro (= oxtail), Serranito de Lomo (= sandwich with Serrano ham & green pimientos de padrón), ...

Sweet: Tarta de Sevilla (= orange cake), Torrijas (= similar to French toast), Pestiños (= honey-dipped fried dough), Cortadillos de Cidra (= pastries with lard)

Drinks: Sherry, Tinto de Verano (= summer drink made from red wine and lemonade), Horchata (= sweet drink made from tiger nuts), Zumo de Naranja (= orange juice), ...

Tapas, these small, but powerful, parts of Spanish food culture, were one of the reasons for my trip. They are more than just snacks; they represent a way of life, a social ritual, and the variety of flavors that Seville has to offer.

Tapas with cheese

Why should one limit oneself to a single dish when one can experience the entire spectrum of Andalusian cuisine on a single plate?

The tapas culture allows us to taste a little bit of everything without having to commit. It represents the freedom of choice and the joy of discovery.

In every small dish, you find a piece of Seville, and in every bite, you taste the passion and love that go into its preparation.

It doesn't always take much effort to find pleasure. For me, a variation of different types of cheese, alongside bread and olives, is an absolute highlight. Yes, the tapas culture alone makes my journey absolutely worthwhile.

Tapas are a social ritual and represent the joy of discovery.
Old Town of Seville
  • F&B offer: Rich and diverse, from traditional tapas bars to high-end restaurants, to trendy cafes and wine bars.

  • Meal times: Breakfast (7:00 - 9:00): Often, a simple coffee & a sweet or savory pastry, such as churros or toast with olive oil and tomato, will suffice. Lunch (14:00 - 16:00): The main meal of the day often consists of several courses, including appetizers, main dishes like paella or Rabo de Toro, and a dessert. Merienda (17:00 - 19:00): A small meal or snack, often consisting of a sandwich, pastry, or fruit. Dinner (ab 21:00 Uhr): Dinner in Seville usually doesn't start until 9:00 pm and can last until midnight or even beyond.

  • Value for money: Costs for hospitality and gastronomy are slightly below the EU average, and compared to cities like Barcelona or Madrid, Seville is more cost-effective. Cappuccino in Amsterdam ca. 4 Eur. Cappuccino in Sevilla ca. 3 Eur.

On-site impressions:

  1. Tapas Culture: The tapas culture in Seville is impressive. The city is full of tapas bars offering a remarkable selection of small dishes, ranging from simple but delicious options like Patatas Bravas or cheese variations, to more complex creations developed by the city's top chefs.



Do you want a gastronomic experience? Let yourself be surprised & visit Maquiavelo Sevilla. Here, refined haute cuisine meets the impressive garden terrace, where more than 1,000 plants grow with 90 different spices. I highly recommend.

Croquettes at Lobo López

There is something for everyone here. The menu offers a mix of authentic and super tasty tapas to fancy dishes like the Poke Bowl.

This restaurant offers outstanding quality food. It's perfect for a straightforward yet exciting lunch experience at the foot of the Guadalquivir River, with an extraordinary view of the city of Seville. I'm a fan of their stews!

Hotel Plácido y Grata is a charming four-star hotel in the historic center of Seville. The style, the service, the cuisine: this hotel concept perfectly suits my taste. It's also a great opportunity for non-hotel guests to snag a fabulous Flat White at the hotel's café.

  • My conclusion: I came for the tapas. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dishes and, when reminiscing, I will think about the zest for life of the residents and my first flamenco dance class.

Note: I paid for the stay on-site with accommodation, entry fees, and food myself. My recommendations & tips refer to this. This article is not part of any collaboration.


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