My life as a food nomad

I've always been a traveler. Although I currently count the Netherlands and Austria as my main residences, I am nowhere really at home.


And that's just as well. As a passionate foodie, I love to experience new tastes, to come into contact with people and to experience the magic of new kitchens.

27 bites. Welcome.

My life has changed a lot since my blog was published. My preference for good and healthy food has remained. Just like the irrepressible curiosity about foreign cultures. This is how 27 bites came about ...

27 bites. The story.

It is well known that food should be chewed thoroughly for proper digestion. The mechanical crushing in the mouth not only promotes health, it also stimulates your taste buds and the food can take on completely different tastes after several bites.  


The hearty bread then suddenly tastes slightly sweet and the almonds turn into a marzipan-tasting porridge. Crazy, what is possible with a little mindfulness. Not only your food, but also your impressions should be adequately chopped up and broken down. Who knows what kind of wild mix will arise here and how you can change your perspective on an incident.

How often you should chop up and break up your food / experiences depends on the "food" you have consumed. Since I try to chew my food at least 27 times, I chose the name "27 bites" for this format.


I hope you enjoy every bite with me as I travel around the world.