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27 bites in New York

I'm just here for the Cheesecake...

Along with the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxis and skyscrapers, food is an essential part of New York City.

Its status as a cultural melting pot means that you can eat your way around the world within the city and have some iconic dishes along the way.

From cronuts to chicken with waffles and pastrami sandwiches: everything tastes a bit better here. Even the good old cheesecake is always worth a try here.

With all this on offer, what can you eat? In a city that never sleeps, you can eat heartily from dawn to ... from dawn to dusk. ;)


Classics of the local cuisine:

New York is a city of immigrants who brought the richness of their culinary traditions to the Big Apple. Between the Greek food in Astoria, the Italian food in the Bronx, the Korean food in K-Town and the Chinese food in Flushing, Sunset Park or Chinatown, you can happily eat your way around the world without ever leaving this wonderful city. The food on offer in New York ranges from global cheap eats to upscale cuisine. They all have one thing in common: a huge love for pizza, cheesecake & bagels.

Here is a small selection of delicacies:

Main dish: Pizza, Bagels with cream cheese, hot dog, pastrami sandwich, hamburger, pasta dishes, chicken with waffles, ... Dessert: Cronuts, Cupcakes, Cookie Dough, Cheescake, Milkshake, ...

Drinks: Americano, Iced Coffee, Softdrinks, Wine, Cocktails like Manhattan, Martini, Cosmopolitan, ...

I came to New York to immerse myself in this mix of delicacies and to seek out new trends. I was hungry for "the next big thing". Which dish, cuisine or food creation will soon make it across the Atlantic & also be crowned the "next big thing" in Europe? In this city, food can become a mega-trend and a real movement.

Cheescake in New York

Bagels only had their real breakthrough here, American pizza creations became cult here and nowhere in the western hemisphere does it succeed so well in broadening one's horizons of Chinese cuisine. A holy food temple this New York...

Not only does the food industry in New York provide a home for exotic dishes, it is also constantly (!!) on the move. No wonder that this is the place for new food trends to emerge. For example, in recent years exciting pastry and food creations have broken new ground such as the Cronut (=mix of croissant and donut) or the Cookie-Dough (=biscuit dough).

For all the excitement & as much fun as it is to try creative pastries or nibble on raw kitchen dough: an old-school slice of New York cheesecake tops it all. Not much to it really: cream cheese, eggs & sugar. The New York Cheesecake also contains whipped cream and sour cream. A masterpiece, this creamy slice of heaven.

Michaelas-Must-Try: It's not just the Americans who love burgers. Here's my vegetarian version with homemade pattie and goat cheese.

In New York, food can become a mega-trend and lead to a real movement.
  • Michaelas Video-Message: In my TikTok video you can see a little summary of the local cuisine.

  • F&B offer: New York is arguably the culinary capital of the United States, offering more (cosmopolitan) food than anywhere else.

  • Meal times: Breakfast (6:30 – 11:00): Breakfast takes place somewhere in between, depending on when you go to school/work. Typical foods are toast, muesli, fruit, yoghurt or smaller hot meals with eggs and toast. Brunch (11:00 - 15:00 Uhr): In NYC, brunch is an important date for many people to meet friends, especially at the weekend. Unlike here, the word does not describe a lavish buffet, but simply the meal itself. Pancakes/waffles or omelettes are popular. In the trendy cafés, the queues are often longer than an hour. Lunch (12:00 - 14:00): As breakfast is usually more substantial, a quick snack (e.g. bagel) is sufficient. Happy Hour / After Work (ab 5:00): At a social gathering with colleagues / friends, drinks (cocktails or mocktails) and salty snacks are served before going home. A very popular way to "socialise" because in offices people hardly have canteens and therefore only spend time with colleagues AFTER work. Dinner (18:00 - 19:00): Often a combination of rice, chicken or salad is served.

  • Price-performance ratio: When it comes to eating well in New York, the options are practically endless as long as your credit line allows. Fast food or food from the supermarket are inexpensive alternatives. Cappuccino in Amsterdam ca. 4 Eur. Cappuccino in New York ca. 5 Eur.

Striking on site:

  1. For those who want to gorge themselves in a casual atmosphere, a visit to Smorgasburg is recommended. A food event with dozens of local vendors at various spots.


Brunch is a big thing in New York and the choice in the Big Apple seems endless. We really liked the coffee and the casual food at Blank Slate. The chain now has two locations in the city and I'm curious to see how big this brand will grow.

Brunch in New York

Whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, The Standard offers New American fare at a high level. The restaurant in Chelsea is reminiscent of old New York in the back. The front room and the bistro on the street side exude a European charm. A great setting and even better food.

Nowhere is cooler for sipping cocktails than in this trendy part of town. Katana Kitten represents the best of Japanese and American drinking culture. This is a place you should definitely visit.

Hotels outside of Manhattan...

Hotels in New York are expensive - especially in Manhattan. Instead of small, stuffy rooms in the heart of the city, we opted for stylish accommodation in Queens. All the sights are within easy reach by metro and the view of Manhattan from the room is fabulous.

  • My conclusion: I came for the trendy food. I enjoyed the new-modern American food, and as I reminisce, I will think of the Skyscrapers and the creamy cheesecake.

Note: I paid for my stay on site including accommodation, entrance fees and food myself. This is what my recommendations and tips refer to. This article is not subject to any cooperation.


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