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27 bites in Munich

(Content advertising) - I'm just here for the Brez'n...

Munich is a very special city. I studied in the Bavarian metropolis for almost 4 years and was - I have to be honest - glad to leave Munich after my studies.

Too arrogant. Too old-established. Too snobby. Too Munich...

Now I am back in the city and ask myself, what actually got me back then?! The surfer wave in the Eisbach Munich. The Viktualienmarkt. The urban and trendy Glockenbachviertel. I feel so comfy in this cute city!

What I probably missed by far the most? The typical Bavarian food here. The famous Brez'n just don't taste as good anywhere else as they do here.


Here is a small selection of regional delicacies:

Bavarian cuisine is a down-to-earth and rich fare with many animal products. Since tradition has a high value in the noble state capital, you can still find the rustic delicacies in numerous localities. Typical dishes not only delight tourists, a few classics are still eaten by the people of Munich themselves every day.

Starter: Obatzda (Spread from camembert, butter and spices), Liver dumpling soup, Sausage salad, Brezn, ...

Main Dish: Meatballs, Roast pork with dumplings, Cheese Spaetzle, Duck, ...

Dessert: Kaiserschmarrn, Zwetschgendatschi (Sheet cake with plums), Apfelkücherl, Auszogne (=pastry from yeast dough), ... Drinks: Helles, Weißbier, Radler, Wine spritzer, ...

Bavarian cuisine is cult and world-famous. So well known, in fact, that the Brez'n is understood in an international context as the epitome of German cuisine in general.

Brez'n mit Weißwurst und süßem Senf

Outside of Bavaria, however, I've never really had a bite. The pastry simply only tastes good in Bavaria. I wonder if that's because of the air.

By the way, the Brez'n is best simply with butter. An absolute must: eat Weißwurst with sweet mustard on the side. Hallelujah, I forgot how much I've missed Munich!

Despite my relatively plant-based diet, that just has to be there. But attention: No cutlery is used for the sausages. Just eat it with the hands (...and the skin. ;) )

What you should also keep in mind when eating Weißwurst? Do not order them after 12:00 o'clock. According to old tradition, the sausage is then no longer suitable for consumption, because cooling facilities were scarce.

Michaelas-Must-Try: Bavarian food is similar to the cuisine from Austria that I grew up with. In both regions you can find the "Hoiber-Datschi". Here is a recipe inspired by my grandma.

In the trendy city of Munich, customs are highly alive and traditional food remains part of the culture.
  • Michaelas Video-Message: In my TikTok video you can see a little summary about the local cuisine.

  • F&B offer: Around 4,000 gastronomic offerings can be found in the city. Relatively manageable.

  • Meal times: Breakfast (6:00 - 10:00): Typically a hot drink with bread/buns and sweet or savory toppings such as butter, sausage or cheese. Lunch (11:30 - 14:00): As a rule, people eat warm. One finds many meat dishes. Salad and side dishes are the norm. "Nachmittagskuchen" ( ca.14:30): Coffee, pastries or cake Dinner (ab 18:00): More and more often, the main meal takes place in the evening. In the past, a snack was often enough.

  • Price-performance ratio: After Sylt, Munich is one of the most expensive regions all over Germany. Cappuccino in Amsterdam ca. 4 Eur. Cappuccino in München ca. 4 Eur.

Striking on site:

  1. Although Munich has more than 1 million inhabitants, the small town feeling prevails. On Sunday, the stores are closed and the gastronomy is bound to stricter opening hours than I usually know from Germany, even during the week.



Marktfeeling in München

For me, the Viktualienmarkt is one of the most beautiful markets in the world. I hear the Bavarian dialect of the market vendors at every corner and the products are of outstanding quality. There are also stalls to "stop in" like at the Müchner Suppenküche or the delicious potato dishes from Caspar Plautz.

By the way, you can experience the market feeling in Munich not only at the Viktualienmarkt. The Dallmayr delicatessen or the halls of Eataly are idyllic places to feast, shop and marvel.

The freshness of the Viktualienmarkt can also be felt in the LOUIS Hotel. A feel-good oasis in the middle of the city and "gateway" to the Viktualienmarkt. My personal highlight was the sensational roof terrace and the varying menu with seasonal delicacies in The Louis Grillroom. By the way, vegans will also be happy here. Breakfast, bar & restaurant are also available for resident Munich residents.

  • My conclusion: I came for the Brez'n. I enjoyed the market flair at the Vikutalienmarkt and while reminiscing I will think of the Munich dialect and the lived Bavarian tradition in the city.

This article was written in cooperation with the Louis Hotel. Travel, entrance fees and food on site I paid myself. This is what my Munich tips refer to.


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