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27 bites in Hamburg

(Ads) - I'm just here for the Franzbrötchen...

Moin Hamburg. I was able to set anchor in the beautiful Hanseatic city for about 3.5 years.

I loved the city and always tried to see Hamburg through the eyes of a traveller.

It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this city. Above all, it is impossible not to fall in love with a Franzbrötchen.

The sweet roll, that's why I'm here. ...& because of a ZDF filming. This time I prepared a recipe with stuffed vegetable leaves. Here's the link - it's worth a look. But now back to Hamburg's cuisine ;)


Classics of the local cuisine:

The cuisine in Hamburg is strikingly different from (southern) German food. Although you can find most of the classics such as lye pastries, spaetzle & Co. in the Hanseatic city, North German (fish) specialities are cult here.

Snacks: Fish sandwiches!!!

Main dish: Lapskaus (Potato dish with beef and beetroot), Hamburger Aalsuppe (Pea soup), Hamburger Pannfisch (Pieces of fish with potatoes), ... Dessert: Franzbrötchen (Yeast dough with cinnamon and sugar), Rote Grütze (Fruit porridge from berries), ... Drinks: Astra Bier, Alsterwasser (Beer mixed drink with lemonade), Mexikaner (Spirit with tomato juice and Tabasco sauce), ....

The Franzbrötchen for breakfast or afternoon coffee is almost as ubiquitous as the legendary "Moin". A North German greeting used throughout the day.

Franzbrötchen at any time

What also always feels good is a "Radler". Oh, pardon me. We don't know that expression here. The correct word is "Alsterwasser". It still tastes best at the Schanze. A hip neighbourhood with a high density of bars. Hamburgers also like to eat falafel or other oriental snacks there. Not North German, but authentic for Hamburg.

Another thing that is always worth trying - whether early in the morning after partying at the fish market, at lunchtime or as a snack in between meals - is the fish sandwich. The selection ranges from maties to herring to mackerel and North Sea prawns. A bite that tastes like freedom.

Michaelas-Must-Try: Fish as the basis. Oriental ingredients stimulate the taste buds. My couscous with breaded fish is not typically Hanseatic, but both elements (fish + oriental) are indispensable in the city.

Radler = Alsterwasser

Speicherstadt at night
  • Michaelas Video-Message: In my TikTok video you can see a short summary of my stay on site.

  • F&B offer: Top. Hamburg has the highest restaurant density after Berlin.

  • Meal timees Breakfast (6:00 - 8:00): Typically a hot drink with bread/buns and sweet or savoury toppings such as butter, sausage or cheese. Lunch (12:00 - 14:00 Uhr): Often a salad, sandwich or quick snack is enough. Dinner (ab 18:00): The main meal of the day.

  • Price-performance ratio: Hamburg is not a cheap place to live. Nevertheless, supermarket and restaurant prices are on average lower than those in Munich. Cappuccino in Linz ca. 3 Eur. Cappuccino in Amsterdam ca. 4 Eur. Cappuccino in Hamburg ca. 4 Eur.

Striking on site:

  1. A strikingly large and well-developed network of vegan restaurants. Top!



Eine kulinarische Reise im Kitchens

When hotel luminaries meet artists, the result can only be a great place. The Pierdrei offers casual accommodation and the finest in entertainment. Everything is packaged in an authentic "Hanseatic" way to make you feel good. I was particularly taken with Kitchens. The restaurant loves the international cuisines of this world as much as I do and invites all explorers to exciting gastronomic journeys. When we were there, they served delicacies from Istria. The country, the menu and the cool interpretation of delicacies change in regular cycles. I highly recommend it!

...mean "harbour kitchen". This special place combines market hall and restaurant in one. On the menu: variety, regionality and pure taste.

Standard in the "Standard" are tapas served with the drinks. An Italian aperitivo culture, in the middle of such a vibrant neighbourhood in St. Pauli. Absolutely recommendable!

Those who know me know that I love individual houses. So it's no surprise that Tortue hits the mark for me. Stylish & elegant, in the middle of the Speicherstadt. If there's one place I'd rather spend the night, it's the hotel's own restaurant, Jin Gui. The taste and outstanding quality of the fish and service are convincing. The restaurant does credit to 27bites. Chew 27 times to fully absorb and enjoy this (taste) experience.

Forget Tim Mälzer, Henssler, & Co. The real star restaurateur in Hamburg is Hannes Schröder, who has a flair for trendy places. Whether "What we really love", "Kitchen friends" or "Botanic District Bar" - his concepts are all worth a trip.

  • My conclusion: I came for the Franzbrötchen. I enjoyed the international flair of the Schanze and as I reminisce, I will think of the legendary "Moin" that greets me from the snack bar to the boutique hotel.

This article was written in cooperation with Pierdrei and Tortue. I paid for my own travel, entrance fees and food on site. This is what my Hamburg tips refer to.


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