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Welcome to Michaelas

Certified Nutrition Coach & Food Nomad

"You, me, and your gut: Together towards a healthy diet!"

- Welcome to Michaelas – your new favorite place where healthy eating is easy and joyful. The philosophy behind it? Eating healthily should be fun, nutrient-rich, and intuitive. We offer you a colorful palette of recipes and nutrition topics that do good to your gut and microbiome from the inside out. Discover how straightforward and enjoyable healthy eating can be. At Michaelas, you'll find light, anti-inflammatory dishes that give you energy. Forget the stress often associated with diet trends like Paleo, Vegan, and others, and dive into a world full of flavor, diversity, and joie de vivre. Michaelas stands for a healthy lifestyle that's nimble, colorful, and absolutely stress-free. Get ready for a delicious journey where healthy eating is synonymous with a happy life.

Imagine having a meal that's not only easy to prepare but tastes absolutely heavenly.

And here's the kicker – it actually does wonders for your digestion, boosts your immune system, keeps your hormones in check, and even lifts your mood.

Sounds almost like magic, right? But that's exactly what gut-friendly and anti-inflammatory foods can do.

Hey there, I'm Michaela, a Certified Nutrition Coach, and I'm all about helping folks like you level up their well-being through delicious, healthy eating.

Certified Nutrition Coach


- Gut-friendly and anti-inflammatory eating is based on scientific evidence that certain foods and ingredients have natural properties which can reduce inflammation processes in the body and positively affect the gut microbiome. By focusing on such foods – like Omega-3-rich fish, leafy greens, berries, nuts, and fermented foods – not only is gut health promoted, but the immune system is also strengthened, and hormonal balance is supported. This type of diet helps keep the body in a state of homeostasis, which, in turn, positively affects mental health since the gut and brain are closely connected through the gut-brain axis. In short: By consciously choosing anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly foods, you can make a significant contribution to your physical and mental well-being.



Eating is much more than just consuming food; it's a journey, a discovery that takes me around the world.

I am a Food Nomad, uncovering the stories behind the dishes and bringing the diversity of flavors from around the world to the plate.

Join me on this journey of discovery to the culinary highlights of various cultures.

Here you'll find my stories on my travel blog "27 bites".

- I want to show you that balanced eating is more than just food intake. It's a way to strengthen yourself physically and mentally and to fully enjoy life. Take the first step and experience how a balanced diet can positively change your life! It all starts with the very first bite.

You want more - just like me.

As a certified nutrition coach and Food Nomad, I blend my passion for healthy eating not only in practice but also in audio format.

In my podcast "Michaela's - Am Küchentisch" I share my experiences, insights, and stories to foster a deeper understanding of the connection between good food, health, and a fulfilling life.

On Spotify: Am Küchentisch

On Apple Music: Am Küchentisch

Corporate Coaching




Your company is a leader because it has the best talent on board?


Then you surely understand how crucial it is to nurture and retain these high performers.

Dive into our tailored nutrition and cooking workshops, specifically designed to enhance the well-being and performance of your top employees.


Discover how our offerings can make a difference and contribute sustainably to the health and satisfaction of your team. Learn more about my offerings here.



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