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Happy (it) eating made easy

Your 6 week timetable that will take you on

supports your journey towards a healthier diet and ensures relaxed and happy eating habits.

# Because being happy starts with eating


Start: summer 2021

Do you want to eat healthier, achieve your comfortable weight, take care of more self-love and achieve a relaxed eating behavior?

As a qualified nutritionist, hypnotist and expert in stress-free eating, I will give you practical instructions for a healthier diet that can be implemented over the long term.


You will learn how food can influence your physical AND mental well-being and how the right foods help you to have a balanced self.


I also want to work on your personal approach to food, because only with the right mindset will long-term improvements in your eating habits be established. The focus of the coaching program is therefore on your personal development on a physical and mental level.


Your advantages at a glance:

Online coaching

# Because being happy starts with eating

The coaching program is suitable for you if : 

  • you want to make your eating habits (too unhealthy, too irregular, too much at once, ...) healthier

  • you want to learn how a balanced diet can be implemented in a stressful everyday life

  • you want to gain understandable insights into scientific nutrition without mutating into a nutrition coach yourself

  • you want to experience more spiritual vitality and the advantages of a holistic change in diet, also in your external appearance - whether in the form of weight regulation, cleaner skin or firmer connective tissue

  • you also want to adjust spiritually to healthier behavior and are ready to work with me on your mindset

  • you want to enjoy cooking (again) and you want cool dishes for everyday life that are deliciously delicious and easy to implement

Would you like to find out more about the coaching program? Under this link you can find out everything you need to know in a nutshell.


The course starts in summer 2021. If you want to secure a place on the waiting list or if you have any questions about the coaching program, please contact


I'm happy for you

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