Nutritional coaching  ....  different

different ...  “Because I was a former development manager                knows what is really in demand in everyday office life "


After finishing my career as a development manager and a burn-out group later, my enthusiasm for nutrition and studying to become a qualified nutritionist was my very own kind of therapy.

different ...  “Because I don't have problems for my solutions                   create, but solutions to existing ones                   Offer problems "


As an example: A lack of magnesium may be a sensible diagnosis from the point of view of food supplement producers, but we rarely deal with how neck pain can be remedied by a healthy and simple diet rich in magnesium (tip: the almond as a hero food)

different ...  “Because healthy eating itself in the                         tightest schedule fits and for the                      the most untalented cook possible "


It takes an average of 66 days for people to establish new routines. This does not only apply to sports or smoking cessation. Healthy eating can easily become a habit too. Nutritional coaching covers everything that is needed differently


Analysis of the food culture in the company and the cooking infrastructure

“Our employees order a pizza from the delivery service for lunch”

Jointly defining the expectations for my support
"Increasing the productivity of our employees after the lunch break"

Evaluation of the results from the workshop after a few weeks
"More home-cooked food is being brought into the office and frequent complaints have subsided"

Joint workshop (online or offline)
"Success guarantee - healthy nutrition in the workplace"